Instant Raw Mango Pickle

It was very recently that I made a visit to the  nearest vegetable market at Sarakki and I  went overboard picking them fresh. I made quick rounds through the market to figure out who sold the best but alas, I had to resort to whatever they were to offer for it was unified price across stalls. When my eyes met the mangoes lying around, knowing very well that it was not the best season to buy them I very much did that. They were fresh enough and having no trace of been stored away for long I did not think twice. Discussions were made right at the stall as to what to do with them back home.

1) To make some Prawns curry to satisfy my taste buds.
2) To make some raw mango pickle to satisfy the spouse.

The first will be elaborated in another post. For now lets stick to the pickle.

The pickle preparation here requires no setting time, no major masala preparations, the only time consuming affair is to chop the mangoes into real small pieces. Once that's done the pickle takes just a matter of ten minutes to come together. The recipe could vary across Kerala but this is the simplest of them all.

This type of pickle is generally served at marriage feasts or festival feasts.

The preparation method here is different from what we use for the tender mango(കണ്ണി മാങ്ങാ) pickles of Kerala. Tender mango pickles need setting time and are best prepared when in season.

Raw Mango                                     500 gms
Asafoetida Stick                               20 gms
Fenugreek Seeds                              4 tsps
Chilli Powder                                   5 tbsps ( As per your taste)
Salt                                                   3 tsps (As per your taste)
Warm Water                                     75 ml
Gingely Oil                                       2-3 tsps

My way of making
1. Clean and chop the mangoes along with the outer skin to small pieces.
2. Dry fry the fenugreek seeds and asafoetida together for about two three minutes. Once cool, coarsely powder them.
3. Coat the mangoes with salt, chilli powder and fenugreek and asafoetida  mix and set aside for ten minutes.
4. Pour just about enough warm water over the coated mangoes. The mangoes themselves ooze out water so adjust the water level accordingly.
5. Transfer the same to clean dry bottles and dress them with 2-3 tsps of oil.

1.This is my mothers version of instant raw mango pickle.
2. The traditional pickle preparation requires much more elaborate preparation with crackling of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and other spices.
3. You could vary the preparation with use of vinegar, curry leaves and oil.


  1. Nalla naadan achaar... these kind are served during wedding alle....yumm......


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