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Chakka Kuru Pradhaman/ Jackfruit seeds pradhaman

Ideally this post must have come up in late January/ early February when I actually did make this dish. As you all must have figured out by now if there were a contest for laziness and procrastination I would top the list. Ask me to cook and click pictures I would do that without battling an eyelid. Ask me to write about it and I would sit on it for months. I am just so glad that I am making efforts this year to break the monotony during this lock down.  Today I bring to you a recipe that is not so common yet so familiar in taste to the other pradhamans from Kerala. If you have been reading my posts on Instagram   you would know that we have a jack fruit tree in our apartment and year after year I tend to go over board with most of the jack fruits from that tree. Not many are fond of this fruit in reality and I wonder why. Many of the folks from the coastal areas themselves cannot stand the smell and taste after a certain stage of ripeness. But I love this fruit. I guess its

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