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gluten free buckwheat pancakes

I am sure everyone makes pancakes at home these days. The ingredients being everyday staples, the recipe simple to follow and the dish done in a jiffy, nothing should stop one. But when one feel monotonous with the regular pancakes what do they do? Experiment with gluten free flours, try a vegan version, try natural sugars, try different combinations and the list can go on, isn't it?

On one such day I thought why not use buckwheat flour since I had them in stock too. After my trials with whole wheat flour, bananas, eggs, all purpose flour, millets, coconut sugar, cocoa powder I thought why not some gluten free trials. I do not have to tell you about my fascination for millet flours ever since I figured out they were easily accessible to me at a store very conveniently located in the same building as the gym I go to. It is at the same place I landed up on these buckwheat flour and I had to pick them instantly. I have so far used them in my cookies and pancakes. Yet to give it a tr…

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