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Finger Millet Chocolate Cake Indian Buttermilk

Have you ever been fascinated with the process of making clarified butter/ ghee at home? The aroma that fills the air when one makes ghee at home is sure to give the feel nostalgic feel. Agree the process is time consuming and cumbersome but when we put our heart into it, any chore is a piece of cake isn't it? Wondering where this is going when the title says Cake? Read along.

I have been making ghee at home regularly in the last couple of years by the traditional method, collect the cream, churn the butter, melt the butter. The good thing is that there is no wastage at any step. The buttermilk that is left over is definitely use able in many many ways. Drink it as it is, add spice into it, use it for pancakes, cakes, South Indian gravies and so on.

I have earlier experimented using them in banana cakes, unfortunately I did not make a note of the recipe. This time around I did make sure I note down the recipe when I was working with Finger Millet/ Ragi. Ragi is a staple in many h…

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