Tava Idli

This post goes out as a tribute to Tarla Dalal.

I remember, the news of her death causing a stir on a certain group on FB, for obvious reasons , not many were just ready to accept her passing away as yet, yours truly included. But sadly the news was just true.  
She has been a source of inspiration to me too like many Indian women. No, not that I did not know how to cook, but her recipes were a savior, during those times when I was bored of the usual cooking routine. Her legacy would live on through her numerous recipes and books.

I had bookmarked this recipe from her site, sometime back. Yesterday was just perfect for me to try out the same since I was clearly not interested to make the usual Idli Fry or Idli Upma.

Well this recipe required me to go fetching for Pav Bhaji masala for I have never tried making Pav Bhaji at home ever.  Having never had Tava Idlis before it was a real challenge for me to get it right not knowing how Tava Idlis tasted ever.

Never the less, the dish turned out a little low on being tangy, but I thoroughly enjoyed this Spicy Tava version  of Idli. I did use up the left over Green Peas Masala in this dish as well.

Head here for the recipe.


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