Shooting for CAL

That I did a video shoot for CAL is no secret, since the over excited me, broke the news on a social media site the very moment the shoot was over and quite a many of you were happy for me too.

This is how it all began: 

CAL on their FB  page, sometime in early July put up a post for requests on cooking traditional South Indian recipes in the comfort of ones own kitchen and let their people shoot the same. I without a second thought, responded to their post assuming that there would be quite a number of responses and I might just pass along. But destiny had other plans. 

I got a response back from the team and a few interactions later, we decided to shoot on July 19, 2013. 

I had decided four traditional dishes after consultation with senior ladies in my family. 
  • Kerala Chicken Stew
  • Mambazha Pullisery
  • Unniappam
  • Ella Ada
Moments before the shoot, things were casual and usual. All that I had to do was assure and recheck the list of ingredients for all the dishes that I was to prepare were kept handy. The clock struck 10  and things were not the same anymore.

In came the team, and emotions were bubbling up. Not sure if I could pull this through good enough, I was visibly shaken. The turmoil with-in had begun and the only solace was Arun's presence and the mere thought that I was about to shoot in my own  abode was a bigger relief. 

And after a full days shoot from 10 AM to 3 PM, we were done with three dishes. The shorter I keep the detail, the better.

I just could not go ahead with the fourth dish, thanks to my nagging ACL issues.

So if you would want to have a look at the video here they are :

NB: The recipes are made in the way my folks prefer. If there has been any omissions kindly let me know, so that I can improve upon.

C&C are most welcome.


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