Parippu Vada/ Dal Fritters

Weekends are usually when I make some elaborate snacks, breakfast or lunch. This weekend was no different except that,  I was in my kitchen after a 10 day break and settling in before the school reopened for the little one.

Figuring out what to make, I glanced upon the bottle of toor dal that mom had packed. A while since I made some vada I realized and since it was a rainy gloomy weather here at Bangalore, the only snack that could do justice was some parippu vada. I sent AR and K to fetch some channa dal the moment I decided to make these vadas. Such a blessing to have them in my life!

This common chaya kada palahaaram (snacks at any tea shop) from Kerala once ruled all households during evenings when children were back from school for snacks. The trend slowly disappeared with conscious eating and now is termed a junk food. That reminds me of mom, making them way back in the 80's and 90's whenever she could find some time.Nevertheless my love for these fritters would never cease how ever health conscious I tend to be. There's nothing that can replace them.

I am yet to try baking them and hence have kept apart some batter for the same.

Toor Dal                                - 100 gms
Channa Dal                            - 150 gms
Shallots finely sliced              - 10 to 15 nos
Ginger thinly sliced               -  3-4 tsps
Green chillies finely cut         - 3-4 (depending on spice level)
Curry Leaves crushed           - a sprig or two
Fennel Seeds                        - 2 tsps
Peppercorns crushed            - 3-4 tsps (depending on spice level)
Asafoetida                            - pinch
Salt                                       - as per taste
Oil                                        - to fry

My way of making
1. Wash, clean and soak the dals for about 2-3 hours.
2. Drain the water and dry them so that they are just enough moist.
3. Grind the Dals without water, if you are not very sure just pulse them together for about 4-5 times.
4. Combine together rest of the ingredients. This is how they should like when put together.
5. Make small balls of the mix and press them between the palms of your hand.
6. Heat a wok, pour in the oil and when the oil is hot, drop in the vadas one by one. Reduce the flame and turn them around when one side browns.
7. Drain them over paper towel.
8. Hot crispy fritters are ready to be served with tea.

1. I have used very very minimal oil even though it was deep fried, a trick that I learnt from my paternal grandmother.
2. You could use coconut oil as well for frying for the authentic flavour.
3. If baking, preheat oven to 180C and bake each side for about 15 mts or till they turn brown.


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