Mullu Murukku

A good one month of ziesta with no apparent reason , its not that I haven't cooked anything or for that matter neither was the camera idle..everything happened then and there except for blogging. So I am back here with my thoughts and after thoughts from the kitchen counter.

This time its Mullu Murukku, now why do I make this when its not  Diwali or Krishna Jayanthi. The fact being that some evening's I crave for crunchy snacks and find all my containers with nothing more than rusks and glucose biscuits and I am not in a position to step out to the nearest petti kada, I end up making them myself. This being AR's favorite snack it was all the more boost to make them. I did try baking them once being the health conscious me, they were a major failure, nevertheless I ended frying them this time.

Rice Flour         - 1 cup approx 300 to 350 gms
Urad dal Flour  - 2 to 4 tbsps  15-20 gms
Butter               - 2 to 3 tsps
Hing Powder    - 1/4  tsp
Sesame seeds    - 3 tsp
Water               - just enough to knead
Salt                   - as per taste
Oil                    - to fry

Murkku Maker with the star plate

My way of Making
1. If you do not have urad dal flour ready, dry roast urad dal in a wok and let it cool. Powder them into fine powder and sieve through. This is must so that your murukku does not start spluttering oil when you fry them.
2. Dry roast the rice flour also not too hot just enough to make it warm.
3. Mix the ingredients thoroughly except for water.
4. Pour enough water to make the dough into a soft one.
5. Press the dough into the murukku maker and push it through the star plate.
6. Try moving in smaller circular movement first not overlapping the previous layer onto a plastic sheet or a butter paper like I preferred.
7. Fry them when the oil is hot. To check, drop a small piece of dough and it should rise up.
8. Crunchy murukku is all yours as a tea time snack.

1. If murukku seems to be breaking when swirling, add more water to the dough and mix. Keep doing this until you get the circle perfect.
2. Once done, do not keep them waiting for long before frying since the water tends to dry up and would be double trouble to mix the dough with water and make them again.
3. I used the store brought Double horse's Idiyappam/appam rice flour.
4. If oil splutters around when frying do check the quality of urad dal flour.
5. You could add chilli powder, garlic powder, more butter as per your taste.
5. Yes it takes patience and lot of time to make them :).


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