Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

It's the summer holidays for the kids in India. From the constant banter to the non stop interruptions, this is that time of the year when parents are forced to think on ways to keep the kids engaged and ways to keep their hunger pangs at bay. It's a tough job isn't it? I have two kids and its double trouble. With different timing for each I break my head everyday on how to stay sane most of the time. But then there are certain work around that works best in my case.  Take for example letting them decide an activity that they can work on by themselves, assigning one task to the elder while I sit with the younger or vice versa. Coming to the food part I do let them indulge some days while on the other days I see to that there is something that each of the kid love eating or drinking.

 Here is one such drink that is easy to whip up in a few minutes and keeps the kids full as well for a long time. Bananas are our go to snacks at any time of the day. Right from the senior citizens to the youngest in the family, banana is the one they reach out to for the mid day snack or for the late evening snack. We as a family starting indulging in Peanut butter very recently only. Would you believe that? Well that is the truth and since then there has been no looking back I should say. The younger one loves peanut butter so much that I had to hide it away when all efforts to control the number of servings did not help. I generally prefer to add some dark choco chips to my milkshakes and smoothies but this time around I added some cocoa powder and then topped it with more chocolate syrup and more choco chips. The best thing about this is that one does not need to add extra sugar at all. Bananas take care of this part thus making this healthy and kid friendly at the same time.

The ingredients are easily available in most of our kitchens. So whats stopping you from trying this one out?


Peanut butter                                                                  4 tsps
Milk                                                                                2 cups (around 500 ml)
Bananas                                                                          3
Cocoa Powder                                                                2 tsps
Vanilla essence                                                               2 tsps
Chocolate chips                                                              5 tsps
Chocolate syrup                                                             3 tsps

My way of making 

1) Place Peanut butter, Milk, Bananas, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla essence in a mixer and mix until well blend.
2) Pour them into two separate glasses and top with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips.


1) If you want it chilled you could add cold milk or add some ice cubes before mixing.
2) If you prefer to add sugar please do so.
3) Best had fresh.


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