Trifle with dry cake/ broken cake/ left over cake

Does the sound of Trifle make you wonder if it would be yet another dessert that is tough to put together? This could be the easiest dessert if there is some left over cake that has gone dry or a quick way to rescue your dessert plans for the late night party with a broken cake. All it takes is some layering and assembling together a few ingredients and tada we have a dessert.

So there was this order that went out last week and I had a small sized cake done as a tester recipe. Not that I do not like to eat cakes as is but then I wanted something more. I had lot of fruits lying around and decided to use them in this dessert as well. The best thing about Trifle is that there is no definite recipe to follow. Just that a wet ingredient is required to moisten up the cake crumbs. That's about it.

Here I have layered up some cake crumbs, custard, fruits, dry fruits and then repeat and finished it off with some whipped cream and nuts! How does it sound? Salivating I guess. So what's stopping you from trying out this the next time you have an accidental breakage of the cake.

Why wait for a broken or stale cake to make this one. Valentines Day is just perfect occasion to try this one out. Why slog over desserts when one can easily put up a fail proof dessert.


Cake crumbs (Any flavour)                                               1/2 cup to 3/4 cup
Custard                                                                            3/4 cup
Assorted fruits diced                                                          1/2 cup
Roasted and broken nuts                                                    5 tbsps
Whipped cream                                                                  1/2 cup
Mason jars or jars/glass with good depth/ wide bowls           3-4             

My way of making

1) Break the cake into small pieces using your fist so that it resembles biscuit crumbs/
2) Take a deep and wide bowl/glass  or mason jars and start with the lower most base as the cake crumbs.
3) On to this add some custard. This will let the cake absorb some moisture.
3) Next add some fruits. I have used pomegranate, apple, guava, banana. Kind of overload I agree but to me more the merry ;)
4) Start layering again and you could really change the order of layering here.
5) Top it off with whipped cream and some roasted and ground nuts for that crunchy feel.


1)Before I go on, Chocolate in this is not a bad idea at all. Feel free to add some. I just ran out of chocoaltes when I started layering and hence did not find its place here.
2)One could use cream, jellys, coffee flavoured whipped cream and the possibilities are lot.


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