Kara Sev and Pearl Millet

How about some savoury snack today to go onto the Diwali dishes.

If you have noticed, off late I have been trying out so many of the dishes with millets. And trust me, there are many more to come. Like I mentioned in the earlier post, they carry lot of benefits with them and one of the best alternative for gluten free grains.

Today I have tried the regular Kara Sev , a popular South Indian savoury snack with Pearl Millet aka Bajra in the North of India and various names in the South. This fried snack can be paired with your regular curd rice as well to give it that extra crunch.
The only change I did was to use a chakli/murukku maker with multiple holes plate. This way there is a reduction in the time consumed to make these and of course the oil as well. The traditional way of making kara sev is to pass the dough through a ladle that has perforated holes. I am no good when it comes to traditional way of handling too many things at the same time while on the stove.

Kara Sev brings back a lot of memories of childhood and college days. It was the most regular snack found in our hostel rooms and who can forget munching them away while preparing for the exams at 1-2 AM.

Earlier I had made some pakkodas with Bajra and that recipe found gave me the inspiration to try sev with Bajra.

Bajra/ Peral Millet Flour                                       3/4 cup
Gram Flour(Besan)                                               1/3 cup
Rice Powder                                                         1/4 cup
Pepper Powder                                                      3 tsps(adjust according to taste)
Hing                                                                      1/4 tsp
Melted Ghee/Butter                                               3 tsps
Salt                                                                        1 tsp(adjust according to taste )
Water to knead                                                      As required
Oil                                                                         For deep frying.

Equipment Needed
Ladle with holes
Murukku/Chakli maker

My way of Making
1. Sift all the flours together into a bowl.
2. Add melted ghee into the flour and give it a stir.
3. Add the Pepper powder, hing and salt.
4. Add water step by step and combine the flour into a soft dough.
5. Leave it covered for about 10-15 minutes.
6. Heat oil in a wok.
7. Use the plate that has 5 holes in the chakli/murukku maker. Pass the dough through the chakli /murukku maker into the oil. Do not overcrowd the wok. Turn the flame to medium.
8. As you drop the dough into the oil, one can hear the oil sizzle. This indicates the sev to be cooking.
9. Once the sound stops, its time to remove the sev using a ladle with holes and drain them into paper towels.
10. Serve them as snack or munch them right away.

1. Temperature of the oil is important. Do not let the oil turn smoky hot.
2. If the dough is breaking add some more water and knead it again.
3. If using ladle method, make sure to keep a considerable distance from the wok so as to not burn yourself from the heat.
4. Once the sev cools down, store them in air tight containers for about 1 month.
5. One can use garlic as well for flavouring the sev. Grind 4-5 cloves in a mixer and make it to a paste and add it to the flour mixture. 


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