Bajra Pakkodas

Our usual weekend supermarket trip never ends without getting home some type of millets. This time around my eyes fell on Bajra Flour , something that I have never attempted in my kitchen until I made these yummy , mouth watering pakkodas. My next adventure would be to try and bake something with them until then enjoy the simple pakkodas.

1 cup Bajra Flour
2-3 tbsp Whole Wheat flour or Rice Flour
1 tbsp milk / yoghurt
2-3 Green chillies + 1 Garlic Cloves + 1/2 inch Ginger - crushed or minced into very thin pieces
2-3 tbsp coriander leaves chopped thin
Indian Spices - 1/2 tsp each (turmeric powder + coriander powder + red chilli powder + cumin powder)
1 tbsp oil
salt as per taste
Water to knead the dough
Oil for Deep frying

My way of making
1.  In a bowl combine together Bajra Flour and Whole Wheat Flour or Rice Flour.
2. To this add in the green chillies, garlic cloves, ginger.
3. Add along coriander leaves and spice powders and salt and combine everything together.
4. To this well mixed dough add the oil, yoghurt or milk whichever is easily available.
5.  Give it a knead till it looks like bread crumbs.
6. Knead with enough amount of water.
7.  Keep it covered for 5-10 minutes.
8. In a wok, heat up the required amount of oil for deep frying.
9.  Take lemon sized balls and press them between your palms and slide them into the oil. Turn them around for even cooking.
10. Enjoy them hot with evening tea.

1. Stop and knead after every addition of water for a very wet/dry dough would never give us crispy yummy pakkodas.

2. Adding a tsp of oil to the dough helps in reducing the amount of oil each pakkodas takes up while deep frying.


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