OatsApple Smoothie

Weekends are when I prefer to have something simple yet nutritious for breakfast. Waking up late is never an excuse not to have the first meal of the day.

Yesterday was one such day where we had a lunch invite to go to and (hog obviously) and so decided to keep the breakfast quick and simple. Now, simple would obviously land one on Bread, butter, jam or some egg toast with veggies. I was clearly in no mood to go back to the staples. 

Just then I remembered packet of oats lying around for almost a month untouched ( Thanks to holidays at Chennai). And then my eyes fell on those beautiful apples in the fruit basket. Yes, oats and apple is what I decided to cook for breakfast. Porridge was ruled out, for most of the days that what we end up eating. I did not want to bake waking up so late. My best bet was the simple Smoothie.

Smoothie without Banana, you may think but hey no one ever said Banana is a must for Smoothies. And the best part you just need wee bit of honey as the sweetener here as Apples are natural sweeteners. When icecream is in excess add them along to the smoothie and see your child enjoy the drink.

So lets get started.

1/2 cup oats 
1 cup milk
1 apple
1 tbsp honey or as per your taste buds.
3/4 tsp powdered cardamom or cinnamon
Handful crushed cornflakes for the crunch
2 scoops of Vanilla or Chocolate Ice cream (optional).

My way of making
1) Peel and chop the apple and keep aside.
2) Cook oats with required amount of milk. Cool and place in blender along with rest of milk.
3) Add along the apple pieces, honey to the cooked oats.
4) Blend till smooth.
5) Top it with some powdered Cinnamon or Cardamom for flavour.
6) Serve chilled with some Vanilla or Chocolate Ice cream and some crushed cornflakes for the yummy crunch.


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