Daliya (Broken Wheat/Samba Rava) Delicacy

How many of us here must have wondered what are other ways one can have Broken wheat apart from Upuma , Kichidi and Payasam. If you are like me  looking for interesting ways to consume this health food I am sure you must have tried up everything out there possible. Well on a blog I did see someone made  Idlis with them. Phew! thats one interesting twist isn't it. Idlis and me have been enemies for a very long time so that was obviously not my choice.  So I did ask around in a forum thats specially dedicated for foodies like me and there were many suggestions that came up like Daliya Pulao, Daliya Ladoos and some mix up with Maggies Masala. Thanks to all these people who are out there helping  people like me with some interesting ideas.

This recipe actually calls for just few ingredients thats easily found in our kitchen shelves. And me being very very naive with the dals section substituted Buna Channa with Channa Dal. I assumed they are the same. I know very wrong of me. It did not bring about any particular taste to the dish though. But I have found my solace in here. So if you have doubts on different names a dal is known check up that link.

Daliya                              - 400 gms (2 cups)
Gram Dal/ Buna Channa - 200 gms (1 cup)  (I used Channa Dal)
Jaggery                            - 250 gms
Coconut                           - 200 gms (1 cup)
Dry Ginger                      - 1 inch piece
Cardamom                       - 4 to 5 pods

My way of making
1. Dry roast Daliya and Gram Dal separately.
2. Once cooled, powder them and you may want to sieve them to get uniformly powdered mix.
3. Prepare jaggery syrup with about 1/2 cup water. (1/4 for thick syrup).
4. Crush or pulse Dry ginger and cardamom together.
5. Add coconut and the dry ginger cardamom mix to the prepared mix.
6. To the prepared powdered mix pour the jaggery syrup little by little till you can make firm ladoos.
7. You must be able to hold the ladoos in your hand without them falling apart.(That's a tip)

1. You could use some nuts like cashews, pista's, almonds that can enrich the taste and nutrition.
2. If you are not comfortable with jaggery you can use sugar too and should be ground along with daliya and dal.
3. While making the ladoos, you could apply some ghee to your hands to give them a shape.
4. Care should be taken while using the jaggery syrup. Excess syrup will make it tough to hold them together.
5. I have made this on similar lines of Ari Unda yet another Kerala delicacy.
6. This is inspired from Saraswathys Blog post.


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