Idli Fry's

Idlis ( are turning into everyone’s favourite breakfast option. More often than not, you would have to deal with some leftover idlis. If you are not a fan of idlis like me and rather have a snack, I have a quick and easy suggestion – Idly Fry. This could be the most simplest dish ever you could make if you have some idlis left or rather even with the Idli batter around, all you need is to make some idlis and fry them

Leftover Idlis
Oil to deep fry

My Way of Making
1.Cut the idlis vertically into pieces
2.When the oil is hot enough (to check, pinch a small piece from the idlis and drop it into the oil; it should not stick to the bottom of the wok used for frying), drop the idlis into the oil one by one.
3.Turn over when one side is done. You could identify this when the side turns golden brown in colour.
4.Drain them on an absorbent paper and relish them hot with chutney or tomato sauce.

1. If you are apprehensive it would taste bland, nopes, it just tastes heavenly with no added   masalas or special batter.
2. I would definitely not call  this a  strictly healthy snack but you could try this out when you really crave for some fried dish.

So this is how it turns out to be :)


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