Baby Steps

Hello there! I am no newbie to the world of Internet but definitely new to the world of blogs. Browsing, downloading, chatting, Facebooking and what not, done them all but Blogging has never been my cup of tea until today. Hubby dearest, friends and family and almost everyone else have been pushing me hard to get started with a blog since with day I started experimenting with my culinary skills. So tada, I have finally decided to take my baby steps today. Oh! not baby steps really for I had blogged for a brief period while I was with my ex-employer.As they say better late than never, so here I am.

This might be just another cookery blog, which indeed it is, but there is a twist. I prefer healthy cooking and try out my dishes with less oil, less fatty substances unless it can never be replaced while retaining the taste.  I arrive at my final product experimenting with my combinations hence the title LAB.

The dishes tried here are not my inventions, they are adapted from  recipes posted by various people. I would be crediting them as I go. I being a beginner, tend to make mistakes in my measurements and way of making. If you find something a miss, please do leave a message/comments so that I can incorporate them. I use a LG convection microwave.

And who am I? You could call me a foodie for I eat anything edible... really? Hailing from the land of God's own country, I have lived in all the neighbouring states before finally setting up my abode at Bangalore. After being an IT professional, I am now a home maker. I am mostly engaged with my three year old daughter and the bigger kid aka Hubby dear.

I hope you find my experiments here from my kitchen useful and informative.

Stay tuned!


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